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Credits, License & Support


The software-development of IIS has partly been possible through a 20% position over 6 months at the university of Tromso, the department of virology, under Ugo Moens. The gel images presented in this manual were made by Nina Anensen in cooperation with Bjorn Tore Gjertsen. Both researched P53 in connection with hematological malignacies. Bruno Laeng and Line Saether supported this software through valueable discussion and provision of image samples for the face morphing. The remainder of the work is personal investment.

CopyLeft / License

IIS, Gelsignal and PsyTrack are release under the GPL, with one clear restriction: the software cannot be functionally extended with closed source implementations. For instance 'binary only' plugins are not allowed. The software and all it modules can be used free of charge in academic environments, given that the use of the software is acknowledged through by referring to the following paper (in case of gelsignal): Werner Van Belle, Nina Anensen, Ingvild Haaland, Oystein Bruserud, Kjell-Arild Hogda, Bjorn Tore Gjertsen; Correlation Analysis of two-dimensional gel electrophoretic protein patterns and biological variables; BMC Bioinformatics 2007(7)198; April 2006; This paper is online at Or in case of PsyTrack: Line Sæther, Werner Van Belle, Bruno Laeng, Tim Brennen, Øvervoll Morten; Anchoring gaze when categorizing faces sex: Evidence from eye-tracking data; Vision Research; Elsevier; Editor(s) Cristopher W. Tyler; August 2009. This paper is of course not online due to copyright restrictions.

Bug Reports / Support

For specific support actions or donations, please contact Werner Van Belle ( or Demonstrations and courses of the software can be obtained from the same source.
Bug reports should be filed at the IIS bug tracker.