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Step 1: Inserting 2DE Images

Explains how to insert images into the GelSignal Interactive Image Spreadsheet

To analyze 2DE gel images, one needs to add images into the spreadsheet. The image operation serves this purpose. Enter in cell A0 the formula '(image)'. The initial orange color indicates that the cell with this formule requires user input and does not yet have a cached result. In order not to interrupt the work flow of the user, the cell will remain orange until user input is allowed.

We now want to copy this formula down. To do this select cells A0 to A2 and select 'Spreadsheet|Copy down' in the menu.

Once we have the formules in place we can enter the actual files, by selecting the cells A0:A2 and clicking on 'Spreadsheet|Start user input' in the menu. Now a number of file selection dialogs will pop up. Select the wanted 2DE images from these.